Minnie Monkeys

Minnie Monkeys


Have you ever heard of a Pygmy Marmoset?

There tiny monkeys that only weigh 0.22 lb, and are 4.6- 6 in. in length once they’re fully grown.

The Pygmy marmoset is common in the amazon rainforest in South America. They have claws that help the dig out tree sap for food. Pygmy marmosets travel in groups up to 9 members, When a pygmy marmoset finds a mate they stay together for life. Since they live in the trees, they can leap 15 feet in the air.


They sound amazing don’t they, sadly they are banned from the united states.

The Pygmy marmoset(AKA pocket monkey) is the smallest monkey in the world, but they’re not recommended as pets. The older the Pygmy, the more aggressive it is.

Nicknames for Pygmy Marmosets


Pocket monkey

Finger monkey






Do you think that the US should keep outlawing the ownership of Pygmy Marmosets? Yes or No?

I like to write poems I wrote this one for my mom for mothers day

Tell me how you like it!

❤️Happy Mother’s Day❤️

I love you mom

you love me too

we all like the things you do


like making sure i’m a okay

or keeping us from going astray


you’re the glue, the tree trunk of the tree

the one who wants me to be

who I want to be


your smart, amazing, and sometimes crazy

you’re the best mom in the world


your kind generous and a little bit tough

The world’s best crossfit mom


You’re the sunshine my bright light

When your not home I can’t sleep at night


The things you do for us all day

Just makes me want to say

This is your day


Not mine, nor Annas or even dads

This is mother’s day

your day




First post of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

I love to write stories so I was wondering if you would like to read one? if you don’t then why are you still reading this?

lake of bones

by: Emma

Great aunt?I called. aunt margaret? my mom called louder. where are you?! we called to gether.

sorry I did not introduce my self, I’m Ineena and i’m 16 years old . I HATE my name so much, I just so happened  to be named after my mother’s cat woopie! Ineena check the living room for your great aunt, my mother ordered. I walked into her living room, we had come to visit my great aunt be for she was to be sent to the retirement home. I looked around and screamed. what lay there in front of me was my great aunt who had been stabbed! my mom probably heard my scream since she ran in saying what’s wrong but she only got to wh..a  because she saw my great aunt.


We were too late she bawled, I hated seeing her like this but I knew I could not just leave her here so I picked her up/dragged her to the dining room table and called 911. but no one answered the phone. I turned to my mom and said to her.  tell me why we really came here. well said my mom, your great aunt is a wealthy woman and has a great deal of valuables, well she got a note, it told her that if she didn’t give up her valuables and put them in a bag on her front porch then she would be slaughtered! my mom gave a  shudder. I thought I could save her she cried. I know I said trying to calm her down. how about I go find mouse? I ask mom. she nods and I leave to find her. Mouse is my great aunts cat who is still a kitten since my great aunt had just got her weeks before. “mrrrow?” I turned around. there in front of me was mouse.  I bent down to pick her up and notice that she has some spots of blood on her coat! EWW! I drop mouse. mew! mouse said startled, she ran over to my great Aunts body and nuzzled under her arm. oh! I said realizing my mistake, she had blood on her because she tried to comfort her by brushing up against her!


Mom I said when I reached my mother, I got mouse! Why does she have blood on her?! my mother asked worriedly. long story but nothing to be afraid of I said.  washed mouse off in the sink and much to my surprise she liked it! alright mom I know you’re sad but we have to go, its not safe! I demanded. you’re right my mother said but its just so hard!


We got in the car, my mother put the key in the engine but did not start it, she just sat there looking blankly out the front windshield. i got out of the car and walked over to the drivers side and opened the door. mom get out i  said. but ….but Ineena! she stammered. Im sorry  mom but you are in no condition to be driving! I guess that you are right Ineena, my mom said.


I drove down the long dark road back home, I knew we had to stop off at a hotel though since it was about to turn midnight. I pulled up to a big hotel and parked the car, I helped my mother out of the car and picked up mouse.

“Where are we”, my mother asked.

“at a hotel”,I answered.

“ It looks Old”, she replied.

“ it is”, I said back, can you call the police mom?

“yes sweetheart, I will” she sighed.

I went inside and taped the bell at the front desk. while I waited I overheard some men talking.

“ you should have gotten rid of the body Rob!”, said a tall man.

“ well you should have took the loot max!”, said Rob ,”lets see what boss says about it

A chill ran down my back, were they talking about my great Aunt?

just then a woman came to the front desk.

“ how can I help you?”she asked.

“ Room for two please”,I answered.

she handed me two cards and I walked over to my mom. I led my mom to our room with mouse in my arms.

“ thank you Ineena”,she said sadly.

“ Its ok mom don’t worry about it.” I told her

I crawled into bed, and my mom turned out the lights. I tried to fall asleep but my mind kept going back to the men and their words, were they talking about my grandAunt?


In the morning I rolled out of bed like the sleep deprived person I am and got dressed. I woke up my mom, put mouse in the car, grabbed two bagels and honey to go and we were off. We stopped only twice on our way home the first time was to use the bathroom and the second was to pick up cat food. when we got home mom got a call on her cell phone.

“hello?” she asked, “oh hi officer, yes I did call yesterday,What do you mean there is no body! I was just there yesterday! you must have the wrong house, her house is 49553, your at that house!? but she was there in the living room right there on the floor! please search the carpet for blood stains any way ok? ok thanks bye”.

“ oh dear,” I thought.

moms phone rang again, was it the police? mom looked at her phone a look of annoyance across her face and I knew who was calling.


“What is it Hank!”, my mom yelled in the phone. “Oh I bet it is all on the news doesn’t mean it is true! No I will not calm down!”

moms face was bright red, I hate it when my parents fight even when they are divorced.

“ Why would I let you do that! we decided this a long time ago I wish you would leave things alone the way they are supposed to be! you are not allowed to do it without my permission, and you won’t ever after you’ve been to jail!

mom hung up the phone and brushed back her hair and then remembered that I was standing their.

“sorry honey I dint mean to yell.”

I wondered what my dad wanted, I’ve never met him before but he texted me once on my 8th birthday, but I never knew he went To jail!

Moms phone rang one more time.

“hello? oh hi Officer you found what, blood stains, do you believe me now? oh you still have to analyse them well thankyou sir but I still don’t know what happened to her body talk to you later bye.

I dont want to talk to my mom, so I don’t wait for her to tell me to go upstairs and get in my PJs I’m already in my room. Mouse is sleeping on my bed when I crawl under my covers. I think about what my mom said to my dad, what did he want from her? did he want to stay with us for a while? or did he want to visit us? what ever it was mom did not want him to do it.

I woke up in the morning coffing! I could not breath! I started to panic, but then I realized mouse was just sitting on my face. I walked down stairs and saw a man sitting on a stool in the kitchen next to my mom who was glaring at him with daggers in her eyes. I quickly hid behind the small bookcase in the living room.

“ better go check on her,”my mom said to the man” she is normally up by now.”

“Ok Janet,”said the man.

As my mom went up the stairs I slipped in behind her.

“Psssst, Mom,” I whispered.

my mom turned around.

oh Ineena, you startled me mom said.

“ who is that man!” I asked.

“your father,”said my mom.



I woke up on the couch, it must have been just a bad dream. I opened my eyes and to my horror there was the man.


“Who are you?!” I screamed at him.

“Your father,” answered.

I jumped up off the couch and ran into the kitchen and hid behind my mom who was making eggs.

“Why is he here?” I asked.

“he is here to discuss about you he wants you to start living with him at his house.” she told me.

“NO I won’t go!” I told her angrily.

“ thats what I told him.” said my mom,”so all you have to do is tell him you don’t want to go at breakfast and then he will leave.”

“ok,” I said.

It was breakfast time too soon. I sat down with my mom on one side of the table and my so called father sat at the other end by himself.

“ Lets start!” said the man cheerfully.

“ OK I said,” this is a hard decision, oh wait its not, and want to know why?!”, I was yelling at the man with all my might. ‘the closest I have ever gotten to you was that one text on my 8th birthday! and you have never in your life even payed attention to me where were you!!!, so you want to know my answer? well try no on for size!”

“ oh “,said the man sadly” I guess you’re right, well thanks for telling me how you feel good by then.”

He left just like that,  once he left, my mom and I did a small high five.


My mom woke me up early this morning and told me to get packed and that we would be leaving for lake wannabea soon. I had completely forgot that we were going today!


I also had forgotten that the lake was just a mile from my great aunts house! we parked our car in the parking lot and headed down to the water with our bags. at lake wannabea you have to take a canoe across the river to the hotel since the hotel was on an island. I helped my mom load the bags into the canoe and then jumped in and held the boat steady so my mom could get in.  When we were on the water my mom decided that we should eat our lunch on the boat like a picnic.  when we were eating a boat started coming toward us fast. BANG! the boat hid us knocking our bags overboard into the Deep murky waters of lake wannabea!

“ Hey watch it!”, I shouted at the men,” how are we going to get our stuff back!”

“You watch it!” said a strangely familiar man.

I looked at him and he looked back at me. then it hit me, I knew who he was now, he was rob from the old hotel near my great Aunts house!

“ Oh sorry its was my fault I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I had to baby him so he did not hurt my mother or I.

When the man finally left my mom said that we should probably go home, but I wouldn’t hear of it since I had been looking forward to this trip for a whole month. so I decided to swim and go get it! SPLASH!!!!!

under the lake was a whole new world it was fun and scary at the same time. Thanks to my swim lessons I can hold my breath for 5 minutes straight so I didn’t have trouble finding the bags. If water did not clog my mouth making it hard to breath I would have screamed at the sight that I saw.

How do you think you would feel if you decided to swim to the bottom of a lake to get your things that went overboard, only to find a garden of bodys tied to the lake bottom with chains and ropes that were half eaten by fish. gross right yea no kidding.


I looked among the array of bodies and bones and to my horror my great Aunt was tied to the lake bed by chains too!


hello officer yes I found the body but you could say it more like bodies………..no Im not joking yes this Ineena Gelter………no this is not a scam……… lake Wannabea……… thankyou sir.

“Ineena what is this about”, my mother asked

“bodys on the floor of the lake”


Mom did not believe me so she jumped in too, and the sight I told her not to look at since it was so gruesome made her faint! I pulled my mom out of the water onto the boat and she woke up coughing. just then a siren was heard over her coughing and a police car pulled up on the shore. Out jumped the officer that I had talked to on the phone. With him were five divers that had on heavy suits. They all got on a motorboat and raced toward us.

“Did you call the police?” asked the officer.

“yes!”I said

“if this is a joke then you will be sent to jail,” demanded the officer.

The divers jumped into the water and were down there for a long time. When they came up a look of seriousness was on their face.

“The girl was not lying”,said a diver.


 It was a crime scene, everyone was evacuated from the hotel but not allowed to leave, everyone was questioned including us, everyone was a suspect including us.  When the officers questioned me I told them of my suspicions and the conversation that I had overheard.  I also told them of what the man did to my bags. the officer thanked me and told me that he would get back to me.


Everyone was told to get back to their rooms when it started to get dark, but no one was allowed to leave. The food was brought to us and we soon fell asleep.

But we didn’t sleep for long, an officer banged on our door to wake us up and we were evacuated outside again for more questioning. The officer pulled me aside again and asked me to point out the person who bumped my boat and who had that deathly conversation. I walked into the crowd and pointed to a man getting into a motor  boat as fast as he could without getting caught and with him there was the other man!


“Hey, Stop!”, the police officer shouted.

I ran after them as fast as I could but the men were already in the boat and were backing off the island. I got in a boat with the police officer, and he told me to hold on tight, so I did.

Have you  ever seen those cartoons were the main characters are going so fast that the skin on their cheeks are flapping in the wind? Well that is what it felt like when I was on the boat.

The men jumped out of the boat as soon as they reached the shore and took off. The police officer reached for his gun but didn’t shoot, he had no evidence that it was him.

“Do you know their names?” asked the police officer.

“Rob and Max.” I said.

“ Whats their last name?” he questioned.

“don’t know, but they do have a boss” I told him.


Mom was frantic when we got back.

“ Innena! Where were you?” she said while hugging me.

“ catching crooks” I told her.

“ don’t ever scare me like that again!” she scolded.

“ Sorry” said the police officer, “ she came with me”.

When we got home it was snowing. I looked at the calendar december 1st wow. The snow soon piled up by the window, I tried to look out it but all I could see was white snow. Mouse was by the door meowing.  We always let her outside since she always comes back.

“ You have a litter box” I said to her, not wanting to go outside.

She hissed at me.


As soon as I opened the door, snow came pouring in. Once again Mouse liked it. She rolled in it and played with it. I closed the door and let mouse play in the stuff that came inside. I looked at the clock, it was 12:00. Even though It was a school day I didn’t go since it was a snow day. Mom had to work so I was home alone. I turned on the tv. The news was on, and it showed the lake. A camera was dropped into the water, it showed all the bodies of rich people that were slaughtered!

The next clip had pictures of me and my mom. How did people get pictures of me I wondered.

Just then the doorbell rang BRING!!

I opened the door to see a bunch of reporters with cameras! click flash! click flash! I closed the door as fast as I could. the doorbell rang again and again and again. But I chose to ignore it. A few minutes later my mom came home.

“ Are the reporters still there?” I asked.

“yes” she answered.

mouse was playing in slush now. but she batted around a wet piece of paper. I picked it up and read it. It said in red spooky handwriting The bodies found were sad you see, so we put them out of misery. If you don’t want to join them too, watch your step and mind your business.  I read my mom the note, and her face turned pale like the snow out side our window. She called the police.


“hello officer……………..yes I know who it is………….please come immediately.”


When the police officer arrived he asked who she thought it was.

“my ex husband” she told him.

I was in shock.

“he used to write poetry like that, dark dreary stuff I tell you. Plus before Ineena was born he used to read books to me out loud and one of them was called lake of bones. And there was a line in it that said The bodies found were sad you see, so we put them out of misery!” She explained.

she showed him the note.

I ran in the kitchen and grabbed my moms phone. I looked in her resents column and found my father, I pressed call.

“Hi father” I said when he picked up the phone. “ I changed my mind I want to live with you can you please come pick me up?…………. ok see you when you get here.”

The trap was set.

Just 10 minutes later the doorbell rang and I answered it.

“ oh hi pop!” I said sarcastically.

“ Thats him!” my mom told the cop.

“sir”, ordered the cop, “ you’re under arrest!”

His buddies are still out there, those people are still dead, but atleast he has been caught!

Theres still murders thanks to Rob and Max but were working on finding them since dad won’t talk but I know we will find them someday.